Plenix Clash APK

Plenix Clash APK v14.211.34 – Download Plenix Clash Latest Version 2022. Plenix Clash is a game inspired by Clash of Clans with premium features and additional features like unlimited gems and unlocks. This MOD APK has resources like Unlimited Troops, Gems, Elixir, Gold, and Town Hall 14 Upgrade available for free. Plenix Clash is a private server that offers many premium features over the original COC.

Plenix Clash APK
Plenix Clash APK


Plenix Clash Details:

App NamePlenix Clash 
AuthorPlenix Clash 
File Size184 MB
CategoryGames, Strategy
RequirementAndroid 4.1+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Plenix Clash APK
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Plenix Clash Mod APK is developed by well-known developers who have made other games like FHX and Master Royale. This mod allows you to play the game without any restrictions or limitations. The game has many features which make it better than the original version. Plenix Clash is one of the most popular Clash Royale private servers available for Android.

Plenix Clash APK, as we know it now, is the Mod version of the original COC, and so it has four private servers, and they are S1, S2, S3, and S4. These servers are a little different in features, but all of them consist of unlimited gems.

This provides very fast performance for COC, as the servers are very fast. This also reduces the chances of bugs and delays. Both its database and download speeds are very strong, which helps stabilize and break down issues with R. Plenix Clash has many customization options, unlike other private servers that only offer customization of game features, such as heroes and buildings.

The game has multiple features and modes to optimize your gaming experience. The server is very fast, so you will never face any lag or crash while playing this game. It is known that Plenix Clash is a modified client for Clash Royale that helps you play online games against other players, buy unlimited gold and elixir, build your clan, and much more.

Plenix Clash is different from other COmod mods in that it is very stable, compatible, quality, performance, and reliable. It’s easy to use without ads, which means you don’t have to worry about intrusive ads while playing and installation is easy without the need for another root.

Let’s play through the latest versions, each with its own unique features and modifications. You can also unlock and upgrade all game features with custom modifications, including building, base, and defense structures. There is no limit to the gems and money you can earn in clan war.

Why Plenix Clash APK Was Created?

When it comes to strategy games, Clash of Clans is undoubtedly one of the best strategy games. Clash of Clans is really fun to play but resources are needed to win the game. Although one could obtain the resource naturally, it was a lengthy process. Basically, Plenix Clash is a Clash of Clans APK MOD in which you can play on a private server with great features like unlimited gems, elixir, and coins.

Get Unlimited Gems, Resources, Custom Mode, Tribe Feature, Anti-Ban, Big Free, 100 Free Servers, Super Fast, and much more! You can easily download it from our website and we keep updating our app files from time to time. So, if you are trying for a better level but are not able to do so then you should try this app. You need to get the latest Plenix clash APK.

Plenix Clash APK Features

Plenix Clash gives you dozens of features that make it popular among COC fans. You can access various features like unlimited resources, modes, smooth gameplay, etc. This old app also speeds up your game and makes it faster. For your convenience, some of the best features of this app are shared below.

  • Unlimited Resources: This is one of the main reasons why people prefer Plenix Clash over COC. In COC, you need to spend real money to buy jewelry and coins. But this old memorabilia app gives you unlimited resources for free including coins, gems, elixir, etc.
  • Performance Boost: The servers of this amazing app are extremely fast which boosts your gaming performance. Some people experience delays and errors with COC, but not with PlenixClash.
  • Anti-Ban: This app is built on a dedicated server so there is no possibility to ban it. You can use the app without any hassle about restrictions.
  • Custom Modes: This app gives you custom modes like building, hero, and more. So if you are bored of blocking buildings, soldiers, etc., you can try this.
  • Quick Updates: This app provides weekly updates for smooth performance. Unlike COC updates, it is more secure and faster on a weekly basis.
  • Safe & Secure: This app is completely safe to use. So you can download it without any hesitation. We always recommend downloading from reputed and trusted sites like this site to avoid any kind of problem.

Plenix Clash Commands are available

  • cut (clear all obstacles)
  • easy (get max base, your cheater!)
  • help (list available commands)
  • id (print account id)
  • refill (get max resources)
  • tsarbomba (remove all buildings)
  • upgrade (max all existing buildings)

Download and Install Plenix Clash APK For Android

Before you download Pleinx clash APK for android, you should know that it is a private Clash Of Clans server that provides unlimited gems and more features. It is up to you whether you want to enjoy the game with unlimited resources and features then you should use this mod.

You may face difficulties while installing and using the application, so I always recommend taking a look at the download process.

  • Get the APK file from above by clicking on the download button.
  • Enable unknown sources from the settings of your phone.
  • Locate the file on your browser.
  • Install and run it on your device.
  • Open the app and immerse yourself in the various features!

Note: It is not affiliated with and is not endorsed, endorsed, endorsed, or advertised by Supercell. This information is only shared to know what’s new in the APK.

Plenix Clash Royale:

The server has been updated to provide the best features for COC. Plenix Clash Royale is an APK MOD that allows users to access a private server. This is an advanced version of the game that allows you to earn tons of money and gems to open chests with gifts and rewards. Since it is on this type of server, we are less likely to get banned for cheating in Clash Royale.

Playing with mods makes the challenge less exciting because we don’t face as many difficulties, but This opens up opportunities to make the most of different items and resources. In general, we usually don’t. The resources are available to us for a fee, but you need to develop or wait a long time to use them. To install the app, you need to download the APK file and then install it. Click on You can install the app by enabling “Unknown Sources” on your device

Plenix Clash IPA

Download the Plenix Clash IPA file to your computer. To download an effect from Google, click any available link. Connect your device to your computer using a cable. Open Impactor. Insert the downloaded IPA file into Impactor. The attacker will ask you to provide an Apple ID and password to verify the IPA file. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your Apple ID, create an alternate account and use that instead. After the app is installed, go to Settings to find its settings. Find your Apple ID profile and open it. Click the Trust button to allow the app to access your personal information. Now open the app and enjoy.

Can I Play PlenixClash APK?

Yes, Plenix Clash is stored on most Clash private servers. The developers take care of your device and that’s why there is no need to overthink it. You can go with it.

Can I Use Clash Of Clans And PlenixClash In A Single Phone?

Of course, you can download and run both without having to uninstall one of them. Because their servers are different. So the installer will not ask you to remove any of them.

How to update Plenix Clash APK game?

Get the updated version of Plenix Clash APK from

Final Words:

We hope you liked this post. So if you are a fan of COC and love to play strategy games, we would definitely recommend you to download and use Plenix Clash. It is a great app that gives you all the premium features right after you download the app. Make sure to share it with your COC gang and if you have any questions regarding the app, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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