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Ufone Call Packages 2022 Ufone is the only telecom company in Pakistan owned by PTCL. The company started its operations in 2001 with the help of PTCL. It is a large telecommunications company and provides excellent services to its valued customers. Ufone turned into a piece of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) in 2006. PTCL was owned by Escalate in 2006 as well as Ufone also become a part of Etisalat. Ufone has a Headquarters in Islamabad.

When it comes to calling packs, we can’t forget the Ufone calling pack. Ufone offers very cheap calling packages to its customers, Ufone is Pakistan’s number one network in terms of its customer care services, Ufone belongs to the same group which includes PTCL and even VPhone. So, if you’re on the Ufone network, you’ll also enjoy free minutes on PTCL and VPhone numbers. Remember that PTCL is a popular landline service in Pakistan.

Ufone is offering a number of useful and excellent call bundles at various rates offering near and universal voice calls. Now we talked about Ufone call packages including Ufone Prepaid Call packages, Ufone daily call packages, Ufone weekly call packages, Ufone Monthly Call, and Ufone Super card offers. Now we discuss the calling package of Ufone. Ufone is offering comfort package plans with a low budget that attracts subscribers very easily. All package plan local or international has low rates as compared to their competitor’s companies.


Ufone Call Packages:

Here is a list of Ufone Call packages:

  1. Power Hour
  2. Super Call Offer
  3. Uth Student Offer
  4. Dabangg Hour (For ‘Uth’ package customers only)
  5. 24 Ghanta Offer
  6. Super Sasta Package
  7. Din Bhar Offer
  8. Super 5 Offer
  9. Daily Pakistan Offer
  10. Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar Offer)
  11. Weekly Pakistan Offer
  12. Super Card
  13. Super Card Plus
  14. PTCL to Ufone
  15. Din Bhar Offer
  16. Monthly Pakistan Offer
  17. Super Mini Card (15 days validity)
  18. Super Recharge (2 days validity)
  19. 3 pe 3
Ufone Call Packages 2022

Ufone Hourly Call Packages :

One of the best bundles of Ufone, which can be used with respect to hours. Here, is the complete detail of Hourly Ufone calls packages. Ufone continues to introduce low-cost offers on a daily basis. Ufone has many hourly packages but people choose the package that they know is better for them. Ufone comes up with different hourly packages at a very low rate. Here are the details of all hourly packages. These all are Ufone one-hour call packages that can be only valid for 1 hour.

PackageDetailValidityPrice (Rs.)Code
Power Hour60 On-net Minute, 60 SMS, 60 MB Internet1 Hour7.17 (Incl. Tax)*99#
Super Call OfferUnlimited On-net Calls1 hourRs. 3.89/hour*45#
3 Pe 3 Package120 On-net Minutes2 Hour6.00 (10 Paisa + Tax)*343#
Uth Student OfferUnlimited Ufone calls in just Rs. 0.75/hour1 hourRs. 3*202#
Dabangg Hour (valid for ‘Uth’ package customers only)Unlimited On-net Calls+Unlimited SMS+Unlimited Internet MBs1 hourRs.3.99 (incl. tax)*212#

Ufone Daily Call Package:

There are several Ufone Daily Call Packages that we can select with our own desire. Start talking with 24 hours non-stop and never be exhausted until it finishes. The Daily Pakistan offering also allows you to enjoy unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone with unlimited Cell phones. Another great call bundle Ufone offers. The daily call package expires after one day automatically and reactivates after midnight if the user has sufficient balance. Auto-activation helps the users to avoid daily activation.

Ufone daily call packages are listed below along with offered incentives, prices, validity, and subscription detail.

PackageDetailValidityPrice (Rs.)Code
24 Ghantay Package86400 On-net Minutes (Charges Rs. 0.15 per call)1 Day9.00 + Tax*5700#
Daily Pakistan Offer100 On-net Minutes, 10 MB Internet1 Day18.00*888#
Beyhisaab OfferUnlimited On-net Minutes (Charges Rs. 0.13 per call)1 Day14.50*5700#
3-Day Call Package300 minutes, 30 MBs, 300 SMS3 Day30 Including Tax*5353#

Terms and Conditions:

  • Regional prices for telephone setup
  • Both related indirect taxes include the subscription fee.
  • When free use of 10 MB is reached, standard GPRS charges apply
  • Ufone Deals can be subscribed many times to add resubscription tools

Ufone Weekly Call Packages:

The price of the weekly call package is more than the daily call package but these packages are suitable for you. The cost of the weekly Ufone call packages is higher than the daily call package, but it is sufficient for you to use both packages. A weekly call package is the need of those users who always connect with their businesses and loved ones and the weekly Ufone call package is the best option to complete their desire. Ufone contains a list of Weekly Call Packages that provide enough calling minutes for one full week.

Super Minutes PackageRs. 130.00100 Other Network Minutes7 Days*210#
Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 80 incl.tax100 on-net mints+100 SMS+1000 MBs7 Days*5050#
Weekly Pakistan OfferRs.100 incl.tax700 on-net minutes+100 MBs7 Days*8888#
Ufone Super Mini Card OfferRs. 299 Incl. Tax500 On-net mints+75 Other Network Mints+500 SMS+300 MBs Data7 DaysDial Load Ufone Mini Super Card
Ufone Best Weekly OfferRs.1001000 On-Net Mints+2GB (Valid for Facebook)7 Days*7070#

Terms and Condition:

  • This offer is only for prepaid customers.
  • A maximum of 500 Minutes are allowed to use in this offer.
  • This offer is valid for the next two hours.
  • Withholding tax will apply on every recharge.
  • Call setup charges will be applied.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Federal duty will be applied according to the area.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages:

The superfast Ufone Pakistan telecommunications network has been serving its users for a long time. Ufone brings new and affordable monthly package plans for its users. The most frequent offer is Ufone monthly Pakistan package. Like other networks in Pakistan, Ufone has also monthly call packages such as Sim lagao offer, Nayi Sim offer, Monthly Pakistan package, Super card – 550 Per Month, Super card plus, Ufone Super Card Gold, and Ufone Super Card Max.

List of Ufone Monthly Call Packages given below:

PackageDetailValidityPrice (Rs.)Dial
Sim Lagao Offer6000 On-net Minutes, 6000 SMS, 6 GB of Internet30 Days0.00*5000#
Nayi SIM Offer500 On-net Minutes, 25 Off-net Minutes, 500 SMS, 1 GB of Internet30 Days50.00*1000#
Monthly Pakistan Package4000 On-net Minutes, 400 MB Internet30 Days418.00*8888#
Super Card – 550 Per Month150 Other network minutes, 4000 SMS, 1.2 GB30 Days550.00Load Super Card
Super Card Plus1200 On-net Minutes, 180 Other network minutes, 4200 SMS, 2 GB Internet30 Days599.00*250#
Ufone Super Card GoldUnlimited On-net Minutes, 300 Off-net Minutes, Unlimited SMS30 Days999*900#
Ufone Super Card MaxUnlimited On-net Minutes, 250 Off-net Minutes, 450 SMS, 4 GB (Internet Data)+ (Unlimited Facebook)30 Days799*629#
Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer8,000 On-net Minutes, 700 Off-net Minutes, 10000 SMS, 14 GB Internet Data + 7 GB Facebook Data30 Days999*141#

Ufone 2 Days and 15 Days Packages 2022:

Ufone offered amazing other 2-days and 15-day Ufone packages at low prices for their customers. This offer is also provided by Ufone Pakistan. It is also the first to develop a Super Card design that involves SMS, calls, and Internet MBs combined in a single card at an amazing price. Since they saw the popularity of the network, all the other networks followed.

PackageDetailValidityPrice (Rs.)Code
Super Recharge Package10 Off-net Minutes, 700 SMS, 100 MB of Internet2 Day50.00*300#
Super Mini Card500 On-net Minutes, 75 Off-net minutes, 3500 SMS, 600 MBs Free Internet15 Day330.00*230#

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages:

Ufone postpaid is an option for individuals with monthly bundles starting at Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500. Ufone Postpaid provides a number of options. Ufone is one of Pakistan’s biggest mobile networks. Customers can use Ufone’s 4G internet, call, and SMS services. They sell a range of postpaid plans, including regular, weekly, and monthly plans. They have a significant number of users who are satisfied with Ufone’s services. They have a vast number of postpaid plans at reasonable prices.

When selecting a postpaid package for yourself, keep your preferences and specifications in mind. Examine your requirements first, then check the specifics of Ufone’s postpaid plans to find the one that best fits your needs.

Prime 300Rs.3001000 On-net min 1000 SMS, 150 off-net min, 500 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 600Rs.6002000 On-net min, 2000 SMS, 300 off-net min, 1000 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 1000Rs.10005000 On-net min, 5000 SMS, 500 off-net min, 2000 MB30 DaysVia-Helpline
Prime 1500Rs.1500Unlimited On-net mint, 7000 SMS, 8000 MBs, 750 off-net mints30 DaysVia-Helpline

Ufone Important Codes:

  • Ufone Balance Check Code: *124#
  • Check remaining Ufone minutes: *707#
  • Free Facebook on Ufone: *3434#
  • Remaining Ufone SMS : *42336#.
  • Ufone Advance balance code: *456#.
  • Check remaning MBS code: *706#
  • Ufone Balance Check Code: Dial *124*
  • Mobile Internet Settings Ufone Code: Send your mobile model to 222
  • Check Ufone SIM Number Code: Dial *707#
  • Ufone Balance Share Code: Dial *828*Number*Amount#

Ufone Call Packages Terms & Conditions:

  1. A maximum of 100 minutes will be allocated upon one subscription
  2. Offer is valid from the time of subscription up to 11:59 PM the same night or consumption of free minutes
  3. The offer will be automatically renewed at 12:00 AM (PST)
  4. Calls made to voice buckets, shortcodes, and NTC numbers are not included in this Offer
  5. Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  6. The New Sales/MNP/ Prepaid conversions/package shift valid offer does not apply here. Line rent promo discount does not apply.
  7. Include U2U and PTCL minutes on-net minutes.
  8. 7000 SMS FUP is applicable
  9. All fees referred to are tax-free.
  10. Regional tax details on https://www.ufone.com/tax-2/ are available
  11. Call charging @ Rs. 1.80, SMS @ Rs. 1.00 and internet @ Rs. 3.00/MB will take place when free resources are consumed
  12. Unless otherwise stated, all Postpay products are self-recursive.

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